Comissions -Terms of service

You do not own the right of my works unless you obtain my own agreement in private.
You may not use the work in any way to make money -virtual (in games) or real. If you want to use it for a personnal project or to earn money, I’ll need a private discussion with you before.

Pricing and Payment Terms
The final prize will be clearly established in private between me and you. Be aware that my prices might go higher.
I only accept payments via Paypal.
50% of the final prize will be asked before I start the comission, to avoid any act of stealth.

How do I process?
The first part of the job is yours: you are the one telling me what you want. Visual references are highly appreciated, as it helps me see what you exactly want.
After that, I will take your commission if everything is okay for me and then, I’ll do sketches so you’ll see what the final art will look like.
I will send you 2 or 3 pictures of my progress. It’s at these moments that you can tell me if something is wrong to you.
Once I finished the work, I’ll send you a message with an access to the full-size and high-quality work so you can tell me if everything is okay. They will be a watermark for security reasons.
In the end, you will have to pay me before I give you the final artwork.
Now smile, it’s over  : )

How much time do I take for a commission?
Finishing one work can take me between 3 days and 1 month, depending on the details and complexity of the artwork. If you need an artwork within a short amount of time, be aware that there will be an additional fee.

Only you is responsible for cost of shipping and insurance. I am not liable for any lost or damaged packages once shipped.
Right now, no shipping is available.

I accept to do modifications at any times but be aware that I can’t change everything once the drawing is done. At the beginning -sketches and first colors- I can change almost everything. Once I’ve settled up the basic lines and colors, I can only modify the small details. After I sent you the work almost finished I only do small changements -eyes colors, symbols, clouds, etc…-. When I send you the finished work, I can’t modify a lot of things. I’ll change only some colors, shades but that’s all. Don’t tell me that you want to change a whole character.
Major changes will be charged more. 

Claims period
You have 15 days to claim for minor changes after the work is finished.

Retention of Images and Files
Know that I usually keep all my files for a long time. However, if you have lost the file or if there is another problem, you have 30 days to send me a message so I can give you another example of my work. After this time, I won’t be responsible for a loss or other problems.

Final Project
I retain no responsibility or liability for what you or third parties do with the artwork once the artwork is completed.

Why do I cancelled a work?
I reserve myself the right to cancel a project if there is a problem, if you have a bad behavior or for other communications issues.

All documents and discussions between me and you will remain confidential unless otherwise expressed in writing between us.

Final Agreement
All articles of this Terms of Service Agreement are applicable unless specifically outlined within the final written agreement between you and me.

Acceptance of Agreement
By contacting me for work you are hereby agreeing to the terms expressed above.

I will not respond to messages concerning the commissions after 6PM -France. 
I will not respond to messages concerning the commissions on Sundays.